Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bouncing Babies

I will admit that new mom groups have not been for me.
I went to the hospital group twice and after the second time just felt that I would rather do something else with my time.  I felt that as a whole I really did not have in major concerns to talk about and the concerns other people talked about at this stage were not of interest to me. 
It also was at the worse time for us- feed/nap time.
My friend suggested I look into the library programs and to be honest I was waiting until Collin was a little older and had his first set of shots.  I am not a crazy mom when it comes to germs but I knew he would be surrounded by crawling babies so just wanted to wait until he was a little older.

Last week I went for our 1st Bouncing Babies at the Chantilly Library.

I totally loved it for what it was.
While Collin is still probably too young for it at 10 weeks he did great and loved all the colors.
Basically it is a class for babies up to 11 months, and it teaching reading thru song and repitition.
We all sit in a semi-circle and have toys/books to stimulate the children.
I loved it because it has got me on this music kick with Collin.

This is something I want to continue to go to-
 unfortanely it does fill up fast so you have to be quick to sign up =0)
This is probably because it is one of the free things which is an added plus!

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